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A kentucky Conceal Carry Target that has a nice pattern from a shooter.


Thank you for visiting Right To Conceal. I am no longer offering classes for CCDW. Please call your local Sheriff's Department for a list of names for instruction. You can also contact Sportsman's Warehouse or The Gun Warehouse for class dates. We hope to continue providing useful information when it comes to Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons in Kentucky, Pistol Training and the defense of your 2nd Amendment rights. 



Applicant Live Fire Exercise

Updated January, 2015


Kentucky Applicant takes aim on a target during a CCDW CCW ClassMy wife qualifying on a target during a Conceal Carry Class


Kentucky Conceal Carry Applicants are required to meet basic requirements before enrolling in a class. Please refer to the "Requirements" link above to review the qualifications. KY CCW Applicants, after passing an open book test, are required to fire 20 rounds at a large B-21 silhouette target covering a distance of 7 yards. Any round, which hits the sihouette portion of the target, counts as a hit. 11 out of 20 hits are required to pass the shooting portion of the class.